Frequently asked questions

Do you ship to my country?

Here is a list of all countries. If you cannot find your country in the list, you can write us an email and we will try to see if the shipping is possible to your country. If the interest is high, we will add it to the list of our supported countries.

I just placed an order, when will I receive the goods?

Thank you in advance for your order, we appreciate each one. Orders are usually dispatched by 5:00 pm on business days. Once the order is handed over to the carrier, delivery takes 2-3 days, sometimes up to 5 days (if it is delivery to Slovakia). Orders placed during the weekend are handed over to our partner carriers on Monday. This is to adapt to their working hours when these carriers are closed on weekends.

Are energy drinks suitable for children and young people under 18?

Energy drinks are not suitable for children and young people under 18. Czech legislation does not regulate the sale of caffeinated products to people under 18. So nothing prevents children from buying any energy drink anywhere. Caffeine as such can have a detrimental effect on the development of adolescents (more information How much caffeine is safe for children to consume in one day?). Therefore, for those of you under 18, we have a great alternative in the form of G FUEL Hydration, which contains 0g of caffeine and sugar.

I placed an order, but I am no longer interested in the goods, what now?

Definitely nothing happens and you can easily cancel the order, whether you write to us by email or on Instagram, we will cancel the order as soon as possible based on your request. Please just cancel the order as soon as possible, as soon as you indicate that you are really no longer interested in the goods. Sometimes it happens that we send the order for cash on delivery immediately and some customers do not pick up their goods and play "dead beetle". We prefer fair treatment, so when you know you are no longer interested in the goods, let us know in time. The time spent dispatching an order that will not be picked up in the end can be devoted to customers who know exactly what they want. Thank you for understanding.

I would like to pay in euros, where can I find the price in euros?

In the top corner you can switch to EUR currency to see all our prices in EURO.

Are you interested in cooperation?

It's great that so many of you ask us for cooperation (dozens of people write to us every week), however, we choose the cooperation ourselves. The criteria for potential cooperation with us are as follows. Age at least 15 years and written consent of parents or reached the age of 18 years. At the same time, we only cooperate with someone who has a larger publicity and can reach more users at once through their channels. So if you meet these two basic conditions and are sure that your cooperation with us can be beneficial for both sides, do not hesitate to write to us by email and state your idea of cooperation and also some analytical data from your channels (Instagram, Twitch, Yt or FB - we leave it up to you).