What is the new X-Zero from X-Gamer and why should you give it a chance ?

The Swedish energy brand is bringing its new X-Zero line of powdered energy drink to the market, bringing gamers even better performance and superior formulation. Unlike traditional energy drinks that deplete the body after a few hours, X-Zero delivers a steady burst of energy.

And how is X-Zero different from the original X-Gamer formula X-Tubz ?

Formula and function:
X-Zero has lost weight and formula compared to its predecessor, and as the name suggests, X-Zero stands out for its zero sugar, calorie and fat content, making it an even healthier drink and a great choice for anyone looking to reduce their sugar consumption.

There's also been a reduction in caffeine from 200mg to 100mg per 1 serving, and for our part this brings the benefit of greater control over dosage, as X-Zero has a recommended maximum of 4 servings per day. And since too much of anything is bad for you, we believe it's better to have less caffeine at more intervals.

What X-Gamer hasn't lost, and rightly so, are the vitamins. X-Zero, like its predecessor, still contains plenty of vitamins (B,C,E...) to support proper body function and the "miracle molecule" Taurine, which we don't always consume enough of.

Size (doesn't)matter:
It is unbelievable that X-Zero tube is 5x smaller than the classic X-Tubz. What's more ? The powder content went from 600g to 160g. And that's not all! Even though the tube is smaller, X-Gamer has additionally achieved to increase the number of servings in the pack from 60 servings to a staggering 100 servings.

How did they do it? Removing raw materials such as sugar or reducing the proportion of raw materials made little difference. However, the removal of filler powder, which companies use just to increase the content, making you feel like you're buying "a lot" is essential. However, filler powder has a negative effect on solubility, leaving a filter of undissolved powder at the bottom of the shaker. So, you may feel like you're buying a small tube with X-Zero, but it definitely makes up for it in the satisfaction of a perfectly dissolved drink and uncompromised taste perception.

Excellent taste and price:
Although X-Zero does not contain sugar, it does not compromise on taste. With a range of delicious flavours such as Blue Raspberry, Clementinet, Raspberry Mojito and more, there is something for everyone.

And because a good drink must not ruin your wallet, the unbeatable price of €0,44c per serving will surely please all fans. By choosing X-Zero, you are opting for a product backed by years of experience and innovation.

Overall, X-Zero offers a combination of performance, taste and convenience that makes it an exceptional choice in the energy drink market. Whether you're a gamer looking to boost your performance or simply need a boost to keep you energized for the day, X-Zero is designed to help you achieve your goals without compromise.

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